6 June 2007

PR: bbAntiSpam Advanced Textual Confirmation Makes Spam Bots Go Away

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Do you find yourself spending 20-30 minutes each day to delete spam registrations from your bulletin board? The newest anti-spam solution from bbAntiSpam will save your day!

bbAntiSpam Advanced Textual Confirmation Makes Spam Bots Go Away

PETERGOF, Russian Federation. - May 16, 2007: bbAntiSpam has announced the release of bbAntiSpam Advanced Textual Confirmation 1.0.2. This PHP script will help users build rock-solid protection against spam messages for their phpBB, vBulletin, WordPress, Wiki, or a guestbook. The installation of the bbAntiSpam script is extremely easy and, unlike most other alternatives, requires just a few changes to the code. No databases or GD libraries are needed.

The bbAntiSpam script works transparently between visitors and a PHP application. When some one attempts to submit data, the script comes to life and starts the confirmation process. It will select a random question from its database and wait for the visitor to give the correct answer. Once it's provided, the request of the visitor is forwarded to the web application.

bbAntiSpam Advanced Textual Confirmation follows the success of its predecessor, called Textual Confirmation for phpBB (http://bbantispam.com/tc/) that has seen the highest customer adoption over the past year and has been localized to more than 10 languages. Building on its success, bbAntiSpam created a more powerful tool, featuring a unique anti-spam technology.

"The concept behind our script is to make spam economically unprofitable," says Oleg Parashchenko, CEO of bbAntiSpam and author of the script. "Spam submission costs almost nothing because it's delivered automatically by the programs commonly referred to as bots. A bot has no brains - it's just a program. When our script asks it a question, it comes as a big surprise to the bot, which cannot respond as a human being. To pass our anti-spam protection, spammers would have to hire somebody to collect all questions and answers. But economically it's unprofitable because collecting the information from 100,000 forums would cost thousands of dollars! Spammers simply choose to skip the protected site. Simple, isn't it?"

Pricing and Availability

bbAntiSpam Advanced Textual Confirmation 1.0.2 requires PHP and costs $499,99 (US) for Professional license and $29,95 (US) for Standard license. Additional information about the product is available from http://bbantispam.com/atc/.

About bbAntiSpam

Founded in 2006 by software engineer Oleg Parashchenko, bbAntiSpam specializes in anti-spam solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Oleg Parashchenko is the author of several community websites and creator of DataHansa, a company developing tools for the technical publishing industry. Now he is working on his new project - Advanced Textual Confirmation, which is expected to gain immense popularity among spam conscious users. For more information about the company, visit http://bbantispam.com/.


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