I'm out of business and do not provide support anymore.

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About bbAntiSpam

My name is Oleg Parashchenko. I'm the owner of the one-man company bbAntiSpam, author of several community sites, and the creator of DataHansa, a company to develop tools for the technical publishing industry. More about me:

I believe that the main factor of success is good and easy communications. Therefore, my sites visitors can post a question or answer someone else's questions without big obstacles, such as the need to register first.

Unfortunately, spammers make use of this good will attitude and started to bother me. I didn't like existing anti-spam solutions, as most of them were bad both for site visitors and site administrators. That's why I developed my own solution.

bbAntiSpam tools are taking off. I expected they'd be useful, but the actual success is very thrilling. Install the tools and join the winners of spammers!