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Annoyed of Lenzie

Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:31 pm    Post subject: Nigerian Spam  

It's only a small village forum, in fact the busiest section is the events diary and local directory.

Then today my wife phones up "did you send me a message?" No ... and it turns out that all the users except the admins has been send the pleading Nigerian scam private message.

Unfortunately, there's no option to restrict private posts on my version, so as privatemessaging isn't an important feature I had to disable it.

The really annoying thing was that I could not find an ip address because the user had not posted so I cannot restrict the IP address in future.

And worst of all I sent out my own email to the spammers by mistake (I forgot to delete them before sending the mass email)

Personally these people should have a pile built of all the scrumpled emails they send out and then have them tied to a stake a few feet off the ground and then asked "do you regret sending so much spam".