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Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 4:25 am    Post subject: Cost of spamming  

Just found a bid on rentacoder, Captcha Typing (Data Entry):


Need you to type 10,000 correct captchas (each 5 to 10 characters long) via my own program. You will be presented with the captcha code and then you must enter it into a box. Once you enter it and hit enter you will be presented with a new captcha.

I need 2,000/day completed. 10,000 total.

Must use firefox, no IE allowed.

The max accepted bid is $250. At the moment, there are 77 bids.

I've looked to the buyer profile, and I think it's a MySpace spamming tool. I think the program creates a new account each time a new captcha is entered.
Oleg Parashchenko, bbAntiSpam
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