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Posted: Tue May 02, 2006 2:43 am    Post subject: FAQ: too much e-mails  


I'm tired of e-mail notifications. What can I do?


Don't worry! Deleting e-mails is much simpler than deleting forum postings. But here are a pair of suggestions.

The best way is to register bbAntiSpam.

A good approach is to automatically move e-mails to a mail client folder. You can filter either by a mail header, either by the "from" field.

1) by a mail header

bbAntiSpam notifications contains the following mail header:

X-bbAniSpam-spam: Yes

If your software supports filtering by a mail header, use this way.

2) by the "from" field

If your board email is something like "", then bbAntiSpam sends e-mails with the following "From" address:

bbAntiSpam <>