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About Links Rejector

  15 Jun 2006, Yuri,

Belkasoft is a shareware company which sells useful utilities like internet messenger history extractors and bookmark managers. Though we have mail support for both registered and unregistered users, some of them (especially unregistered ones) prefer to write their questions to our phpBB forum. They don't write often but each feedback message gives us very useful information.

We have suffered from spammers because spam appeared ten times more often than good messages. We had to spend much time to remove abusive messages one-by-one every day.

But now, after we have installed both advanced visual confirmation and Links Rejector, we don't spend any bit of time for deleting spam. Thanks for the great script!

  21 Sep 2006, DickS, in forums

The secret weapon: bbAntiSpam.

  22 Jul 2006, DickS

Cool, you guys have made one of the best Mods for phpBB that I have come accross. This saves a webmaster a TON of work!

A six star rating from me.

Keep up the great work.

  24 Jul 2006, DickS

This is a great product and has good potential to become a standard anti spam tool for phpbb!

  24 Jan 2007, Guest

Wow wow wo, your links rejector is awesome! It passed my test. It rejected everything it was supposed to, and didn't reject anything else, such as "eww" "communication" etc. Good job!

About Textual Confirmation

  29 Oct 2006, EY, in forums

Nice MOD.
Great Job.

  26 Nov 2006, High5!

Since we are running some public forums, we really needed a way to keep spambots at bay. Captcha's don't really work... and if they do it's a pain to actually register. Step into the world of Textual Confirmation!

  29 Nov 2006, yexusbeliever, in forums

The mod works great! Beat mod ever for antibot registration. For two days now, no bot registered.

  29 Nov 2006, marcd

I just installed TC today, and it's great. I've tried several other anti-spam products, and they did *very little* to address the problem. 15 bots stopped in the last 4 hours, no bots registered -- thanks for the great product!

  14 Dec 2006, Parm, in forums

Lovely mod! Thanks!

  14 Dec 2006, acharabia, in forums

Over goooooda~ Moda~
Nearly exellence Moda~

  20 Dec 2006, acharabia, in forums

I think this is the memorial several phpbb MOD which has no bug and useful. Cool. Why don't you vote to excellence?

  24 Dec 2006, peaksoft, in forums

Beyond any doubt, this is THE most valuable mod I have installed.

I was getting six, seven, eight attempts to register a day, that I had to keep deleting. Since I installed this mod, I've just had e-mail notifications, and not a single one has got through.


  26 Dec 2006, kyle1745, in forums

Great mod... and so far it seems to be working very well.

  26 Dec 2006, theMezz

Just wanted to say thanks for the mod.
I was ready to pull the plug on my simple little phpbbs with 50 users - and 600 spammers !!! You solved my issue and we appreciate it.


  28 Dec 2006, Tonelock, in forums

Textual Confirmation was EXACTLY what I wanted, I figured it is the only really viable way to control SpamBots.

3 minutes later My test site was happy, 2 minutes and the Soul-bound site was MODDED. 25 minutes later I got my first Reject. (at this moment the count is 8 ) I scrapped my previous efforts at writing this type of MOD, and am going to update the rest of the themes.

  29 Dec 2006, torque wrench, in forums

EXCELLENT MOD!!! I registered for phpbb forums just now, and just to thank the author of this mod and to vote excellent!!!

  31 Dec 2006, jentekk, in forums

I totally agree. Thank you so much, this MOD works like a charm.

Just installed it on my forum Tazzu yesterday.

Installation was easy - even manually it was a breeze.

Over a dozen email notifications of spam bot registration attempts in less than 8 hours!

Thanks so much for this valuable MOD. It will save me countless hours a week deleting spam bot registrations.

  4 Jan 2007, Dana S, in forums

I'm another user that registered for the forums just to say THANK YOU! Some days I was spending 15-20 minutes deleting spam registrations even with the visual confirmation enabled. This mod so far has caught them all.

  5 Jan 2007, haggis99, in forums

My forum was only getting 7 or 8 spambot registrations a week, but I decided to install Textual Confirmation as the number was slowly increasing.

2 days later I get emails telling me of 16 failed attempts to register by a spammer with a porn site. Thats 16 users I don't have to go and delete.

3 cheers for olpa!

  8 Jan 2007, , in forums

I absolutely looooove this Mod.
It really saves me a lot of work.

Thank you very much!!!

  21 Jan 2007, JezUK1, in forums

Love this mod guys. I have had NO bots what so ever! Grate MOD!

  25 Jan 2007, z28cave, in forums

I just wanted to thank you for this MOD. Works awesome!

  26 Jan 2007, colin_bb, in forums

Installed with easymod, no problems at all. Really good mod, 5/5. Thanks

  26 Jan 2007, VPWanda, in forums

Great mod!

I haven't had a single spammer on my forum since I've installed it. And it's nice not to have to remove a whole bunch of inactive accounts each day.

  15 Feb 2007, mfnetworx

After thinking about all the alternatives, this one seems to me to be one of the easiest and best answers. ...

And by the way, I have a popular forum, and in the first 8 hours we stopped 60 spambots (my staff was ready to rebel).

Thanks for a simple and logical solution to beating the spammers.

  16 Feb 2007, Mark

I really appreciate this simple robust anti-bot measure and wish you all the best in all you do. ...

Thanks - thanks - and did I say thanks? NO! Well thanks.

* * *

... more feedback, some re-work required to put it here ...

* * *

  17 Oct 2007, Tom Hilliar

I run the forum at Your amazing spam software has saved me from literally 1898 spam registrations in the period from the 14th of March, 2007 'till now, the 16th of October, 2007.

Thanks for all the effort you put in. Spam registration on my forum started at one every two days and now is a 16 per day. This would take me at least a half hour every day now to figure out false registrations from real ones.

Best wishes guys,

The Music Society

* * *

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