For immediate release

November 1, 2007

Press Contact:
Oleg Parashchenko


Sick of spam posts clogging your forum? A new antispam blog founded by software engineer and long term antispam fighter, Oleg Parashchenko, brings you the news about the latest antispam technologies and some excellent advice on busting spammers. The blog is open to new readers, authors and advertisers!

bbAntiSpam today announces the immediate availability of a new blog called “Spam Bots and CAPTCHAs - Stories from the web spam fighters.” This site is the first world’s blog that is helping to bring the community of forum webmasters together by offering the latest news about the antispam technologies, practical advice from the people in the know. The blog has been launched by software engineer, Oleg Parashchenko and available at

Anyone can go to and peruse a growing number of articles contributed by the owner of the blog and visiting authors. The articles are categorized and currently include the following topics: Articles, CAPTCHAs, Defeating protection, Explanations, Funny, Ideas, Tools, and Usability. You can publish your own article, share ideas and experiences there. For those who want to keep track of the publications, the blog offers RSS and Email subscriptions. The subscribed readers will be alerted to the hot new articles instantly. In addition to all the blog’s articles, there are some links to other blogs related to internet security that can help you further personalize yourself with the internet security, CAPTCHA, and antispam thing. is a good way for the owners of other blogs to drive traffic to their sites by publishing related articles and a great venue for advertisers and sellers of antispam software and security technologies to get new targeted customers.

So, whether you are an ordinary reader interested in the antispam topic or a forum webmaster who is sick of the forum posts full of so much spam, you have a choice. Be the target of spammers, or target them and hit them where it hurts, using the tricks from!


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